Today we celebrate the 1000th day of platform's running!

Dear investors and partners. We glad to announce our major press release!
We hope this information will be useful and transparent


Our path and statistics for this time
It is a very long path that we have done together. 1000 days ago, 10 February of 2020 year, our platform has been officially launched
When we are speaking about together, we are speaking about almost 34,000 registered users in our platform!
First plan offered 105% after 10 days. It has been finished 14.09.2022. Our investors made almost x5 from their initial investments, using this plan (Investors who compounded their profit, did even more). This plan lasted for almost 950 days and now it's not available for investments. 
But there is no reason to regret, because we have released a more profitable investment offer almost 2 months ago, and it has already finished a first investment cycle and brought more than 25% net.profit to investors who used this plan. New investment plan offers 3.0% ROI on weekdays and 1.25% ROI on weekends and plan's duration is 50 calendar days. Total net.profit for this period can be up to 30%. It depends on quantity of weekends in months of your investment period. It's profitability is estimated to be upgraded and profit duration will be extended to 60 days in Q1 2023. Current plan will be available for investment up to 14 September 2024.


New branches and Partnership with rental companies
Let's speak about company's presence in the world market
Shuttle's development is continious and every day we are working hard on it. Almost each quarter we have some major news from company's developlent in the market
1) 23 September 2022 we have opened an Australlian branch in Brisbane. And now we are working hard on car fleet development in this region
2) 7 October 2022 Shuttle Rent has signed contracts with 2 leading car rental providers in EU: Sixt and Hertz
3) 21 October 2022 Shuttle Rent has signed a trial contract for 18 months with most popular car rental in Northern America, Turo
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In next few months, we estimate an official press release of CEO Marco Fanger and CMO Frank Moser, where they will tell about company's future development and even more.


Thank you for reading our report. We hope it was interesting and useful for you
Sincerely, Shuttle Team.

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