What is the main activity of Shuttle?

Shuttle is a broker between car rental companies, private vehicle owners from one side and investors who can invest in rental and earn from 3.0% daily profit from another side

How much can I earn with Shuttle?

From 15 September 2022, we offered a new investment plan which allows
you to earn 3% daily per weekdays and 1.25% daily per weekend.
Total deposit period 50 days and total ROI is approximate 125.5% (Net profit is 25.5% for this period)

How can I earn without deposit?

You can use referral program and earn 1% from your downline's deposits.

How long should I wait after withdrawal order?

Most of withdrawals are instant. In case of temporary maintenance, withdrawal can be turned in manual mode and maximal withdrawal time could be up to 72 hours in this case.

How to reinvest?

If you want reinvest, please select your payment system in "Balance" column at dashboard.

Which payment systems do you accept?

We accept Perfect Money now.

What is a daily investment limit?

Daily limit means how much funds we can accept for today. If Daily limit is 0, please, wait for next day and make your investment.

What is a minimal withdrawal value?

Minimal withdrawal is 0.1 USD for PM, 10USDT for Tether TRC20, 25 TRX for Tron